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THIS WEEK: FOR ASPIRING WRITERS AND SPEAKERS--The Speak Up Conference (July 14-16–It’s not too late to sign up!) is one of my favorite events for Christian leaders, writers, and speakers or those who want to be! I’ve been privileged to serve on the faculty for the conference several times over the years. I will be sharing Prayer Mapping: Your portable war room.

This year’s event will once again be virtual which makes it even more affordable! If you want to write, speak, or be a more intentional leader, this is for you. You can learn more and register here!

Mapping Your Message

Today I am the guest on Carol Kent’s Speak Up Conference blog. I invite you to take a look, if you are interested in new tools for writing and/or studying.

Mapping Your Message

In ministry, the Word is our compass. There is no shortcut. There is no room to stray from the truth because if we do, there are consequences. When we add too much of our own commentary, without check, we open the door for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. The tighter our message clings directly to the Word of God, the more powerful it will become in the lives of those who are along for the ride…

Click HERE to read more of Kim’s story!

What to Read: Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Got Married

I love Dr. Chapman’s work on Love Languages and this is a great practical application to lay a solid foundation for marriage.

Thanks, Girl Meets Fiction, for your review!


The Perfect You

I am reading Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book, The Perfect You: A Blueprint for Identity. If you have read it, please leave your thoughts in the comment section here, I look forward to learning from your take aways!

“The most important facet of all my research and practice, however, is individual Choice.

The moment people recognize the power of their minds-the individuality of their thinking and how they have control over their lives-they are truly able to transform their world.”

“When people see themselves the way God sees them, as his wonderful works and particular reflections of His Image, then they see what is inside of them and perceive the universe in a different way (Psalm 139:14).”

A Share from MindMaps Unleashed

I am honored. I guess that’s what comes from Mind Mapping for nearly a quarter century!

Map on, friends. 

Brain Byte: Focused Reading

For years I have been involved in an in-depth Bible Study.  Some may think it too in-depth at a glance and say, “you spent one whole week in ONE chapter?”  However, brain researchers concur that focused reading has greater benefit than ‘cramming’ your studies.

Read More of Less

Reading, in general, is good for the brain. But reading fewer books and articles so you can give each of them more focused attention may be even better. “Our brain doesn’t do very well with too much information. The more you download, the more it shuts the brain down,” says Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas at Dallas. “It’s better to read one or two good articles and think about them in a deeper sense rather than read 20.”

BiggerPlate Mind Mapping Conference

I am super excited to share with you an opportunity coming soon to New York City on March 10, 2016.  It is the BiggerPlate Mind Mapping Conference.  From their website:

Join the only conference in the world dedicated entirely to mind mapping!

Our annual member conference boasts highly impressive speaker contributions, as well as opportunities to participate in interactive sessions where you can share your views, and learn from other atttendees! Biggerplate Unplugged focuses on opportunities, innovation, and collaboration within the mind mapping world, and we invite you to join us in New York for another great gathering of the Biggerplate mind mapping community!

Theme: Mind Mapping for the 21st Century Knowledge Worker

We believe mind mapping software is the missing link and the must-have tool for modern workers in business and education. Our mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and mind mapping examples to show you how real people around the world are using mind maps every day to improve their working and learning!

I hope you can join in on the event.  The price is $129, which seems like a great price point for the shared learning experience.  I am unable to make it this year, but am aiming for 2017 and beyond.

In addition, I believe you will find the Mind Map samples and other resources available at Bigger Plate’s website quite valuable.

Go out and create!

Maker of the Sea



Brain Byte: Put Your Smartphone Down and Look Around

Photo Credit: Meme Binge on Flickr

Photo Credit: Meme Binge on Flickr

My husband has not worn a watch in the 30 years that I have known him, yet he can tell you the time within minutes. He seems to have an innate sense of time. He can also drive me almost anywhere within our state without using a GPS. In fact, he says, “Turn that thing off!” If I enlist the help of the friendly Navigator App on my smartphone. He has a keen picture in his mind of where he is going; keeps his sense of direction and navigates more by his internal compass than actual road names. He knows if he goes about 20 miles east, 4 miles south, takes a turn west at the destination road, that he will soon arrive where he set out to be.

He is also aware of the environment around him: he watches the clouds, feels the air, and smells a storm a mile away. According to the “world’s smartest person” Marilyn Vos Savant in her book, Brain Building in Just 12 Weeks, my husband is doing the work of a genius.

Ms. Vos Savant suggests in Brain Builders #44 that we stop wearing a watch or looking at a clock for one week and instead start tuning into time. She points to the fact that animals have body clocks and so do humans. However, we are losing touch with our natural rhythms of time due to the reliance of technology and not using our brain as our time tool. Think about the migration of birds and the movement of certain fish, like salmon returning to the same spawning hole each year at the same time.

Think about what you are thinking about or NOT thinking about.  How much are you relying on technology?  How much of the time are you relying on your own built in senses and bio-computer?  The more you do the later, the smarter and more equipped you become to respond to your changing environment.  I am afraid it is true: “Smartphones are making us dumb.”

My Brain Byte challenge to you this week: Put down the Smartphone and look around! Now go out there and get smarter.

Does Study Affect Your Creativity?

Success favors the prepared mind. – Louis Pasteur

Classroom with multicolor chairs

Where does creativity come from?  Some think it appears out of no where and some believe you are born creative.

Studies of highly creative people reveal that they nurture their creativity through a continuous quest for knowledge. Tony Buzan, one of the foremost creativity consultants in the world, defines creativity as ‘the degree of removal from the norm.’  Michael Gelb writes in Thinking for a Change that creativity is the result of a new combination of existing elements.  Combining these two ideas: to think outside the norm we must know more, coalesce the ideas, and produce new outcomes.

In conclusion, the more you know the more your capacity for creativity expands.



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