The Fence

I remember the day when I came home and my heart delighted, “oh yes, she is FINALLY putting up that fence. Now I won’t have to see her giving me dirty looks any more!”  What a relief, now I would be able to go out into my yard without imagining what she was thinking of me or my family or to worry about how many lacrosse balls we would have to pay for because once they went across the line, they were off-limits to retrieve!!! 🙂

Yet, my heart knows that even though I may not see “Mrs. Pat” and her clear disdain for my family, that I am not relieved of praying for her heart to be softened.  For her to experience God’s most lavish and generous grace.  To experience the love of her Father so that she may one day live in forgiveness and in turn have the ability to forgive others their sins…..

So, while I enjoy the privacy of the fence, I have not forgotten the ‘offense’ that leads my heart to pray for her to be blessed beyond measure. I am not hopeful that it will happen in time for us to have a neighborly relationship, but that would be welcomed.

God loves the grumpy too.  He seeks after us (Isaiah 65).


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