His Brain vs. Her Brain

Having some fun today with a friend lamenting about her To Do list prior to departing on a business trip. The list includes ironing shirts for concerts, permission slips, groceries stocked in fridge for duration of her trip, etc. She supposes that men have it much easier and don’t take care of this type of detail prior to departure. Of course there are ALWAYS exceptions! For …the most part women will be concerned about different details than men, just as different personality types will focus on differing detail levels.

Two great resources to help improve your marriage and your understanding of the differences between men and women (in general):

1) Mark Gungor shares hilarious stories and tips for improving your marriage and becoming MORE understanding of your mate!  In fact, when my husband I attended the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage conference we had been married for about 17 years.  My husband had made the bed about a handful of times in those 17 years and to date he is regularly making the bed, cooking meals and many other very APPRECIATED acts of service!  Yes, Mark Gungor made an impact on our home :-).

2) The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman helps individuals assess their own and other’s love language for the purpose of serving and communicating to your loved ones in a way their love tank will be filled, rather than emptied. :-).  Take the quiz at his website http://www.5lovelanguages.com/

Take a few minutes today to brain bloom an idea that will bless your spouse.
Here are only a few thought starters – go as big or as small as you have the resources and desire:
Acts of service – wash the dishes; make dinner; run an errand
Quality time – rent a movie; plan a date;
Gifts – pick up some flowers; chocolate; new tool
Words of Affirmation – make a card with all his/her great characteristics; plan to compliment him/her each day this week
Touch – use your imagination!
Do something that you wouldn’t normally do,  this way he/she will know you did it only because of your love!
His brain may be different from Her brain, but ultimately the challenge is to determine the differences for the purpose of  learning to appreciate and better communicate with one another.  Love, the feeling, is the fruit of love the verb……so what are you waiting for??!! 

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  1. Kelly
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 22:47:23

    Thank you so much for this information! It was very helpful. Please continue blogging. I love receiving these updates!!!


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