Slow Learner

I dusted off my exercise DVDs today. Now I recall why I shelved them: they are such a challenge. I just cannot seem to get a few of the crucial moves.  Instead of just having fun and moving on to the next move, I continue agonizing over my failure.  Over the fact: I may be doing damage to my knees or joints or who knows what if I continue to get it wrong.  And what is wrong with me anyhow? Why is it that what seems so easy to the fit participants on my TV, seems so difficult to me?

Plain and simple, it is frustrating, embarrassing because I feel dumb and slower than “everyone” else.

I admit it, I HATE to, but I will: I am a slow learner.  It took me years to finally come to terms with this fact.  It still stings and comes slow to admit, however, it is liberating and it is reality! 

I am a brain trainer. I know the reality of each and every brain: we ARE slow learners.  That is, when it comes to learning to change what we know or how we do things.  I won’t bore you with the details here, but trust me, there is a physiological reason why we are slow to change the way we think and do things.

As I pondered on this truth and watched the super enthusiastic fitness coach. I became more and more encouraged and inspired to slow down, watch, listen and apply what she was teaching.  She reiterated, you may not ‘get this now’ but you will in time.  Yes, “in time” I will get it and it will benefit my body, soul and spirit! YES, it is okay to repeat the “how to” phase until I finally get it; instead of what I used to do: move on to the highest level as the starting point! PRIDE. Yes, I now see pride as my enemy, not as a positive. It keeps me from truly going as far as I can and being all that I can be. It causes me to quit too soon or not be truthful, when it is important to be truthful.

So, as I mentioned in my post on New Years, this is my year to be all that I can be with my fitness level and health.  Armed with the knowledge and truth that it is natural to be a slow learner, I am embracing this fact and continuing to persevere past the point of frustration and embarassment……to the point of success!

My dream and prayer for you is the same: Perseverance over pride. You will overcome and you will succeed!


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