Change is a Process

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”  Albert Einstein
In order to change our thinking and bad habit patterns, we have to consciously choose to do a new thing or think upon new thoughts.  We must learn something new. 

 We go to school to learn.  How is it that we don’t learn how we learn?  Have you ever been given a learning process?  Have you ever thought about how you learn?   Tony Buzan, a world-renowned authority on the brain, has put together the following Learning Model with the acronym of TEFCAS:

T – Trial (Try-all)
E – Event
F – Feedback
C – Check
A – Adjust
S – Success

Trial – give something new a ‘go’; the results are an Event; give yourself or find a qualified person to give you Feedback with regard to the trial; Check the feedback against the model you are implementing; and make necessary Adjustments……..eventually you will have consistent Success.

One of the primary keys of getting to the S in the TEFCAS learning model is to begin with GOALS.  Reasonable and Incremental GOALS.  Once these are established you will consider your primary learning mode (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic) and determine the RIGHT MODEL to accomplish your GOALS.  Next, evaluate your COMMITMENT level to the GOALS.  I.e., how much energy are you willing to expend?  How much money are you willing to invest?  How much time? Sweat equity?  If the answers are “not very much”, perhaps you are not truly committed to this learning goal, so why waste your time starting only to quit half way through, wasting valuable time, energy and resources!  If you are ecstatic about the feeling of getting started, fully committed……get going!

Now, the danger points of the learning process come when we are having (a) a particularly bad “Event” or results after we Try for the first or third or maybe it even happens after you have been progressing regularly, but then it hits: you crash and burn and the results stink that day!  The key to this Feedback session is to remind yourself that this is just one event of many, it is not the statement of who you are or how you perform, it is simply one event.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin a new Try-all again! The next danger point is when you have a Try-all of BRILLIANCE….you made it to your goal, it was spectacular, people are impressed with the results.  Trouble is, you may not be able to continue at this level of brilliance as you are still learning and this was a fluke (like the complete failure of yesterday), it is another Event to evaluate with feedback, learn from, and make the appropriate adjustments to continue to gain on your goal of competency!  Each of these are danger points because they cause you to want to quit!  You want to quit when you seemingly fail and you want to quit ‘while you are ahead’!  Don’t!  Get back out there and continue with your next trial until you have built a new skill with proficiency!

FEEDBACK is another great key to the learning process.  It is often overlooked.  I will write in more detail in a future blog.  For the moment I will share that it is beneficial to have an objective person give you feedback on your Learning Process (TEFCAS).  Be sure he/she is familiar with your model and your goals to assist properly.  Also, it is crucial to have positive feedback.  Not lies, but worded positively.  Refrain from telling yourself, “I cannot do this”, remember Henry Ford said it best: “If you think you can do a thing or you think you can’t, you are right!”  So what CAN you say to yourself during the learning process when you face ups and downs?  “I am in the PROCESS of learning to xyz (golf, sing, play piano, write a book).  Therefore rather than looking at the results, you look at the PROCESS.  When you gain efficiency in the process, the RESULTS will come!


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