Church People: Can we all get along?

“Can we all get along?” Rodney King, 1992 Los Angeles riots

Church is imperfect people sharing life with a perfect God.

Seriously, think about every relationship you have ever experienced from birth to today. Is there one person with which you always agreed, always see things exactly the same; choose the same path?  Who NEVER annoyed you? I didn’t think so. I mean, I can annoy myself sometimes!

Yes, hopefully you have had a few good friends who enjoy the same movies, food and some of the same hobbies you like, and MOST of the time you enjoy the company.  Yet, there is no one else exactly like you, who knows your every thought and shares your every desire.

We pride ourselves on our individuality and yet when it boils down to relationships we fight against one another’s uniquenesses.  It can be frustrating saying the same thing ten times with no understanding on the other end.  Or worse yet, to communicate vital instructions,  later to learn they were not executed the way you intended and now the project is in danger of being two weeks overdue.

We make assumptions that others think like us because it is what we know. What the other knows from birth is a completely different experience: different birthplace, parents, home, upbringing, culture, values, standard of living, tv shows, news, entertainment, hobbies, provisions all different to some extreme.

Each person has a unique personality type, learning style, and love language.  It is well worth the investment to get familiar with the differences to enjoy the commonalities all the more!

Although it is messy, doing life together is ultimately good, especially when those imperfect people actually listen to and follow the One who is perfect!

Church is imperfect people sharing life with a perfect God.


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