Just Do It!

The greatest amount of wasted time is the time not getting started. Dawson Trotman

Today is the day to make that change!

In the series on Change https://radiantlearning.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/change-part-2/, we looked at why it is so hard to create new habits.  But why is it so hard to just plain get started??  Because usually we are shooting for the stars all at once, and not chewing one bite at a time!

Look at your “reasonable” and “incremental” goals and start with those baby steps today.  Set aside 5 to 15 minutes, whatever is do-able for your lifestyle and schedule, and start making progress toward your goal as soon as possible.

For example, I am struggling to get my regular exercise routine back on track due to extended issues with my back.  However, there are floor stretches that I can do that will definitely help with core toning and in the process help my back.  So I am going to do 15 minutes of core toning  daily, just as soon as I finish this post! I have committed to daily for the next 21 days to establish a firm habit.  After that it will be 5 days per week of core work, plus cardio workouts.

What are you putting off?

Planning.  Set your timer for 5 minutes: as quickly as you can write, put down all the things you need to do tomorrow; next highlight the top 3 to 5 action items; get up tomorrow and Just Do It!

Organizing.  Select a highly visible area in your home or your biggest ‘sore’ spot; set your timer for 15 minutes; begin by selecting items to be tossed or donated; put things away as you touch them; stop when time is up. Do it again tomorrow.

Relationships.  If you have a fractured or stressed relationship, begin with prayer.  Ask the Lord to soften your heart to the person, to see him/her as God does, to have enlightenment to the situation to see and claim your responsibility, even if it is minor in comparison, it is important to take ownership for your part in the rift.  Journal your emotions, facts, and feelings.  Pray again seek direction and the words you will use to write a letter or call. Begin the road to healing today!

Today is the day to make that change, get started, or re-adjust!

Just Do It!


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