Are You a Dreamer or a Dream-Squasher?

Look at the clouds, and what do you see?

Utah to Spring School Events 2013 046

Whisked away in the middle of a busy afternoon, right in the middle of the sandbox, to a place millions of miles away. Soaring in the sky on top of a cloud. Smiling, laughing, enjoying the view from above: pretty colors of blue, green, purple, pinks, yellows, oranges, the entire array in full view. The ocean, the grasses, the flowers, the other fluffy clouds, the misty seas, the blooming trees they all make me feel happy and a little giddy inside as I imagine myself floating high, high above on that fluffy, cozy cloud.

Had I shared this daydream with my friends in the sandbox, I may have heard, ‘it’s not possible to float on a cloud you would fall through’ or just plain old ‘you can’t do that!’ My dreams quickly shattered and my mind transported back to reality in the dirty sand box with my non-dreaming friends.

Isn’t this the way it goes? We have a dream, but either our practical thinking mind or friend or critical family member squashes that dream with negative thinking, in the name of “reality”.

I love Einstein’s wisdom when he shares, “I prefer imagination to knowledge, for knowledge is limited and imagination, limitless.” Some of his greatest scientific discoveries began with daydreaming. In fact he taught his students to daydream. Daydreaming is a brain skill, and yet you are commanded not to do it in school.

I still get lofty ideas. I still make plans that don’t always seem realistic at the time, but often times, my dreams come true! In fact, you can say that my dream of floating on the clouds has come true to a degree. I love to fly on airplanes and look down from above at the beauty of the earth. I immensely enjoy the colors, the textures, and the scale of all creation and human inventions.

I had always dreamed of visiting Hawaii, yet the expense was not within our means.  In 2006 I received an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative that turned this future vision into current reality. It was the most incredible time! Beyond my wildest dreams, because my boys were at the perfect age to enjoy, maintain lifelong memories, and have their horizons expanded. We met the indigenous people and attempted to learn about their culture and speak the language. I fully believe this empowered another dream I have for my boys: that they will be men full of love for people of all kinds, shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities and appreciate the beauty from above and below the clouds.

Please, if you are a dream-squasher: will you pause and think before you “check” that dreamer, in your life, with a harsh dose of facts or opinions of why it ‘can’t be done’? If you are an ex-dreamer for whatever reasons life threw at you: will you rekindle your dreaming abilities now? This very minute begin to imagine yourself some where, some day, doing something that you absolutely love that seems way too far out there to be possible. Yet imagine it anyhow and for the time being enjoy dreaming! If it is the Lord’s will, you WILL live out your dream one day!


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