What did that tricked out truck really cost him? What is she hiding behind that perfect smile?

Perfectionism – Is it Possible?

To all perfection I see a limit, but your commands are boundless. Psalm 119:96 NIV (see Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on v89-96)

We strive, we stroke, we smother, we sulk all in the vain pursuit of perfectionism.  What is perfectionism?  I am not really sure I have ever seen it, but it seems I rarely sense that I have reached it.  Perhaps that is because when I think I am there, someone else comes along with a whiter smile or a more tricked out truck.  There goes my contentment in my perfect little situation because now I am comparing to someone else’s life or situation, which by the way, I only see from the outside.  I do not really know all the hidden aspects but I ‘suppose’ perfection on their part and impose imperfection on mine.

Perfection isn’t really possible in most aspects of life because the measures are almost always subjective.  Take the olympics for example, rarely is a perfect score given, but even when it is the other judges will not all agree.

What is your vision for your life? Match your reality up with your vision not the reality of others’ visions….theirs are DIFFERENT from yours!

Where do you get your source of contentment?

  • From within or from something outside of yourself?
  • Peace or accomplishments?
  • From God or from others?

If your energies and resources are wrapped up in having the sweetest truck/car/house and you cannot spare time for your family; your family will be lost to you.  Is this item of focus really worth hurting or losing your family?

If your energies are wrapped up in how you look, you will always be discontent because you will always be looking at what others are wearing, surgeries done, etc. and you will always want to have more or be more yourself.  Never content with how you really look from the inside out.

Drop the pretensions, the insecurities, the cover ups today. Put on your real self, I guarantee you it is a place of freedom.  A place where you don’t have to worry about changing your personality from friend to friend, or your vocabulary, or your makeup or wardrobe.  Just one authentic you = is PERFECT.  Today I type with 3 nails undone from a near-perfect manicure, and I am……….delighted that it does not define me.  Who my God is defines me and that gives me confidence beyond my looks and a peace that passes understanding.  I am no longer a slave to what others might think.  Yes, I will get this repaired but for today working around the house and at a friend’s preparing for graduation…..I fear no judgment, although it will come. Perhaps the one who judges needs to see that not everyone is perfect and that will free her today as well!


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  1. Jen VanWormer
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 08:18:20

    Right after reading your post I read,”Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people.” It’s where I left off LAST YEAR in the Bible study I was doing! God coordinates my life so well! It helps me trust Him even when I’m less than perfect in every way! Love you, Kim!!!



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