Wise Up Wednesday Brain Byte

 Recall During Learning

Your memory has peaks and valleys.  The peaks come at the beginning of learning, at the end, and with outstanding information.  Outstanding information does not seem to fit with the other, for example learning about bumble bees the instructor yells Leonardo da Vinci and gives a fact which then correlates to bumble bees.  Your brain is jarred awake and has an association to cling to for recall.  The low points of recall begin just about ten minutes into learning; ability to recall begins at about 80 percent and quickly drops to about 25 percent.

Because recall peaks at the beginning and at the end of learning it is important to include brain breaks every 20 to 50 minutes, creating more points of primacy and recency.  If you push beyond 50 minutes of learning you will experience a dramatic drop in your ability to recall the information, truly making the extra time = wasted.

So when conducting a workshop or giving a talk longer than 50 minutes, be sure to include time to give your audience a chance to get up and stretch or do a quick fluid level adjustment!  The optimal brain breaks are between 5 to 15 minutes.  Also, be creative and add in a little uniqueness in the middle of your presentation so they will recall the important information you are sharing.


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