Monday Mania

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

Mondays are a  “catch up while you can” day for me, since the weekends are full of family and fun.

Monday: A day that if I do not get the plan done – causes me to be a step behind the rest of the days of the week.  A domino effect.  Mondays are the day to pull out the paperwork, toss the junk mail, file the processed work, set and record the week’s productivity goals, set appointments for the week, delete extraneous emails, follow up on actions from Friday’s in-box, meal planning, grocery listing, run a few errands day.  Yes, Mondays are vital to the success of the rest of the week.

What does your Monday look like? 

What is the key leverage task for you?  For example, mine is making sure my weekly goals are set (written out), this ensures I will be productive with an idle time and helps protect forgetting important activities.  

ma·ni·a  /ˈmānēə [Google Search]

2. An excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession: “our mania for details”.

Monday mania = waking up with a little extra mental/physical/spiritual tension which pushes me to write out goals and is critical to balancing work, home, ministry, family and fun. There are no guarantees in life, yet Monday Mania makes me much more likely to be a success by Friday!

Happy Monday!


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