Wise-up Wednesday: Sleep Factors

What is keeping me from sleeping?

We live in a fast-paced world.  Information comes at us at sonic speeds from every direction now, even while we are driving in our cars we have radios, TVs, iPods, smartphones, etc. vying for our attentions when we are supposed to be concentrating on defensive driving!

This week identify the factors that are keeping you from getting good sleep.  Here are a few to consider, however, this is not a comprehensive list of sleep stealers:

1) Caffeine.  Know your limits and do not go beyond. Caffeine can remain in your body for up to twenty hours. If I have it after noon, I am guaranteed a restless night of sleep and trouble thinking the next day!

2) Screen time.  If you are looking at your computer, netbook, notepad, phone — any type of electronic screen, your brain is received electronic light stimulation, just as we are more awake when the sun is shining, this electronic light stimulates your mind to be active at a time when you want your brain to wind down and rest well.  So get your work done at least an hour prior to bedtime.

3) Lack of exercise.  A healthy body sleeps better.

4) Stress. Your mind just cannot shut down long enough to sleep and/or you awake thinking of your troubles or To-do list.

5) Alcohol/Cigarettes.

6) Carbohydrates. Sugary foods before bedtime.

7) Snoring spouse.  Please don’t get rid of him/her! But do explore some healthy ways of dealing with the issue.

According to Dr. Colbert the top 3 factors that rob women of sleep are:

1) Stress related to work or family

2) Ailments such as an allergy or cold

3) Uncomfortable mattress or pillows

Next week we will look at some additional suggestions for sound sleep which leads to a sound mind!


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