Friday Date Night

Often I sit down to write on a subject thinking it will be simple and quick.  My goal is to give you, the reader, something short and sweet that is also easy to apply.  Most often, the subject is far too complex and deep to do due diligence in a thirty to sixty minute sitting and processing and requires much more from me than I had intended!  This happened again today as I was writing on the power to choose.  So look for a thoughtful post on choices in the future. 

For today, on a much lighter note: when was the last time you had a date?  Especially my married readers….really, think about it, if it has been a while, I challenge you to rearrange your plans for cleaning the garage tonight and grab that cute guy or gal of yours and go out and do what you enjoy doing TOGETHER!  It does not have to involve a lot of money.  Go for a walk, kayak/canoe, shop together, picnic in the park – whatever will bring you together for the evening.  Perhaps ask your spouse and allow him/her to choose the activity while you make the plans.

So often while we are raising our kids they become the main focus: rightly so.  However, what does a child want more than to know he/she has a stable set of parents who enjoy each others’ company?  That may be a stretch for some of you that have put your spouse off for a little too long, but trust me, the more you reach out to begin to rebuild what you once had, it will pay off in the long run. 

It means humbling yourself, at times.  For me it means reminding myself that God has called me to be a quiet and gentle spirit (I Peter 3) with my man.  For some reason, early on I got the idea that I needed to be my husband’s Holy Spirit.  God has continued to rescue me from this wrong-thinking and has taught me to be in prayer before I begin attempting to change my husband by using words!

I suggest reading Ephesians 5, the chapter on love and respect, BEFORE your date. 🙂  Enjoy your time together!


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