Wise-up Wednesday: Breathing


Your breath carries oxygen and brings life to your body.  We cannot live without breath, everyone knows this!  Do you know the percentage of your total oxygen intake your brain requires from that breath?

 The human brain is an energy glutton. Comprising only about 2 percent of body weight, it consumes nearly 20 percent of the body’s oxygen intake. *
Most of us are actually doing our brain a dis-service by shallow breathing.  It looks like this:  we suck our tummies in so that we look slimmer and deprive our brain of a better portion of oxygen because we are limiting our intake.
The best way to deliver this brain fuel in precisely the right quantity is through abdominal breathing.
Dr. Joan Borysenko suggests putting your hands on your belly and breathing in through the nose; allowing the air to expand our belly area fully and then; upon exhaling out the mouth we completely empty ourselves of the breath.  She says you only need to do this fully exhalation once or twice to create a pattern for diaphragmatic breath.  “Continue breathing through your nose, imaging that the incoming breath is filling a balloon in your belly.  When your belly is full, let go and feel the balloon emptying as you exhale.  Two or three minutes of abdominal breathing provide a real time-out from tension.  Even 2 to 3 breaths can make a difference.”
*https://www.mc.vanderbilt.edu/lens/article/?id=128 Melissa Marino, Ph.D. , Published: February, 2006

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