Wise-up Wednesday: Vocabulary

“Use the right word and not it’s second cousin.” Mark Twain

Vocabulary Building

Having a large vocabulary is not required to get by in today’s culture.  However, having a wide set of words committed to your memory bank is an excellent brain booster.  It will help improve mental acuity, provide more creativity in your conversations, and perhaps expand your horizons of travel and culture because as you learn more about the derivatives and origins of words you may be inspired to visit far off places. 🙂

One resource to help you on your journey to develop a larger vocabulary is obvious: the Dictionary!  I make it a practice to keep a list of words that I come upon that I have never heard before or do not know the meaning.  I write the word down; look up the meaning; write it on my sheet and review it periodically.  I have tried this electronically, but I have had more success with recall when I actually write the word and definition out on a piece of paper.  This adds more of the tactical function, connecting your hand directly to the words as you write.

Another good resource is the book is A Brilliant Mind: Proven Ways to Increase Your Brainpower by Frank Minirth, M.D.


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