Wise-up Wednesday: Creative Blocks

Creativity = the degree of removal from the norm

While most of us appreciate being recognized as creative; the majority of us do not want to be labeled as “odd”.  An oxymoron indeed! 🙂

Creativity causes inventors to create new and useful contraptions that make our life easier, more tasty, efficient, effective and so on.  Creativity can keep us from boredom and make life more colorful as in the example of an adventurous spouse who scopes out all the great places to snorkel in the Great Lakes (thanks, honey!).

So in order to think more creatively, it is important to identify your creative blocks.  According to Dr. Archibald D. Hart in the book Adrenaline and Stress these are the common blocks to creative thinking:

1) Fear of making mistakes

2) Self-doubt

3) Fear of the unknown

4) Taking things to seriously

So as Miss Frizzle of the Magic School Bus says, “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”  Within reason, of course:  Make it legal, morally upright, and nothing life threatening, please! 

Please take a moment to share your creativity block and stop back by to comment when you have created something new: a new way of thinking; a new endeavor; a job change; etc.  Happy Creating!


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