Wise-up Wednesday: Juggling

Wise-up Wednesday Brain Byte: Juggling

Did you know that there are actually only two moves to learn to juggle 3 balls?

Most of us are defeated before we even start learning to juggle. The defeat comes in the mind before any actual attempt. I know this because I have taught thousands “how to” juggle and when asked to do a benchmark prior, most say, “I can’t”.

Henry Ford put it well, “If you think you can do a thing or you cannot – you are right.”

Most often we are defeated in our minds before we even learn “how to” do a thing. How can you juggle successfully if you do not have the proper method? It is rather simple once you know how. Really! But don’t just keep throwing the balls without the proper method or you will create a bad habit!

For a great book with juggling methods, and much more, check out Lessons From the Art of Juggling by Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan.


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