Walk While You Work

Do you see a person who is efficient in his work? He will serve kings. He will not serve unknown people. Proverbs 22:29 God’s Word Translation

I admit I am a bit of an efficiency freak.  I want to do as many things at one time as I possibly can, effectively. 

However, my drive for efficiency, at times decreases my effectiveness and vice versa.  I watch this in action as I see my son emulate me by trying to carry in EVERYTHING from the car in one trip versus taking two trips.  What inevitably happens is that his arms are too full and something is wobbling causing him to move much slower; then an item falls; if he bends to pick it up, more things fall; in either case he is required to go back.  Should he choose to pick up a reasonable amount of grocery bags in the first place; quickly carry them and empty his arms and return for the remainder he would finish in about the same time, but with MUCH less frustration and risk of breaking something!

Can you relate?  Are there times when you just want to add one too many things at the same time?  For example, it may be efficient to clean your toilets while you talk on the phone with a friend and it can be effective, if it is just a casual conversation.  However, if you are speaking with someone who is in deep need of your listening and emotional support, while it is an efficient use of your time, you will not be effectively supporting your friend.

On the flip side, there are activities we can get a double return on our time.  Today I walked with a friend and we discussed a subject we have both been researching.  We were able to work through questions we had and share some resources.  Both of us left with more information than when we began walking and we got some exercise at the same time.  The results:  intellectual, emotional and physical workout….and we prayed, so we’ll add a spiritual workout to the check list! 

Is there an activity you could add to a menial job?  If you do not have a walking/jogging partner you may be listening to a book on tape or worship music.  The possibilities are endless. Here in Michigan it is a gorgeous day, so if weather permits, get out and walk while you work!

Ultimately the goal is:  balanced, maximized efficiency and effectiveness.


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