Wise-Up Wednesday: Mind-Body Link 2

Wise-Up Wednesday Brain Byte

The Mind-Body Link 2


According to YOU Staying Young: The Owner’s manual for Extending Your Warranty by Drs. Roizen and Oz:  your belly is your stress barometer.

They profess that when we face chronic stress we tend to eat more food than we need and it is stored in our omentum for quick access to energy.  The steroids released by the HPA axis are also sucked up by the omentum and help grow it as big as the muscles on a weight lifter.  The toxins from our omentum fat are pumped directly into surrounding organs, causing us to have larger stomachs.

The Doctors write, “the bigger our bellies, the bigger our burden.”

Certainly there are a variety of factors that may increase stomach size, but it is certainly wise to consider reducing your stress level for a multitude of other reasons besides your pant size.


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