Marriage Minutes

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Marriage Minutes

This week my husband and I are celebrating 24 years of marriage and 26 years of being in love.  So he swept me off my feet, literally, into the air and off to Washington, DC.  I pictured strolling the Mall and studying historic monuments, after all, what else do you go to Washington to do?  And WHY did I assume that my husband would be on the same page?  Especially when we rarely think in the same way.  However, I just assumed in this case like I mentioned who would go to Washington and NOT see the infamous memorials – you know – The Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, the White House and so on.

That who – is named Paul.  Right.  Paul goes to Washington to rent a car and drive hours to the south east to ‘hang out on the beach’.  Yes, it IS the end of October in North America on the Atlantic Ocean.

I smile and say, ‘let’s go’.  You see, my husband has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and out of the box I would remain in, many, many times in our marriage.  And nearly every time, I am delighted and he doesn’t disappoint.  He loves to explore and take chances.  I love to plan and be more conservative with risks.  Really we are a good match.  Thankfully, we have learned to work together on our communication and lay out expectations in a reasonable manner and to respect the desires of the other (usually :-).  So I am typing from a little rental car on Highway 50 heading East toward the Atlantic Ocean on October 19 enjoying the beauty of the fall colors on the deciduous trees and anticipating a gorgeous drive along the lake shore when the highway bends south.  We have no idea where we will hang our heads tonight, but I have no doubts my husband will do his sweet talking best to get us a nice place at just the right price.

We will take our time minute by minute for the duration of our trip.  I will see things I never imagined; I will cling to every minute with my handsome stallion.


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