Wise-up Wednesday: Unblocking Creativity – Method One

Last Wednesday we looked at 4 reasons for most of our blocked creativity.  The next three weeks we will take each one of these and counteract them for creativity breakthrough.

The first creativity block is a lack of method or habit for capturing creative ideas when they occur.  

UNBlocking Solution #1:

1) Have a notepad or journal with yo all times (in your car, pocket/purse, day-planner, night stand)

2) Audio recorder – use your old tape recorder or your new smart phone and speak the raw thoughts as they come

3) Text yourself the ideas

4) Mind Map!!  I call this whole-brain writing because it captures key words as they come to you. 90% of what we write in linear fashion are filler words that are not mandatory for your brain to complete the thought….why waste valuable creative energy writing what is unnecessary when you are in idea-generation mode? Download a free trial of mapping software at http://www.MindManager.com or use your smart phone and try their free app.

5) If you use more than one method to capture creative thoughts, be sure that you have a way to link these so that you don’t lose any thoughts.  For example you have a notepad in your purse, but you switch purses and it gets locked in the closet and doesn’t make it to your laptop which has your Master Think-Tank document.

In conclusion, the first step to busting creativity-blockers is to capture the ideas before they are lost.


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