Wise-up Wednesday: Unblocking Creativity #2

Robert Epstein (1996) insists that no idea is new.  Well, even that idea is old since King Solomon said it thousands of years ago [Eccl 1:9]!  Epstein goes on to say all ideas build on previous knowledge.  He believes (as I do) that everyone can be creative and has outlined 4 reasons for most of our blocked creativity:

1)  Lack of method or habit for capturing creative ideas when they occur

2)  Reticence about taking on challenging, creative tasks that seem impossible or overwhelming

3)  Failure to learn any significantly new subject matter

4)  Living and working in environments that do not inspire

This Wise-up Wednesday we are tackling Creativity Blocker #2.

 Trying something new and far from the norm can seem risky. Risk taking can be scary!  What if I look like a fool?  What if my idea fails?  What are the risks [will I lose money, pride, friends, investors, etc]?  Trying something new does not have to be overwhelming. Put your plan on paper and include the “go for the gusto” dreams and then begin marking out reasonable and incremental steps to get you there.  The kind of steps that will not break the bank all at one time, you know – like what diversification is to stock brokers!  Essentially you have a long term goal or a GUSTO GOAL with baby steps to get you to the pot of gold. 

Don’t forget to celebrate the successes along the way at each incremental mark.  Don’t break the bank in rewards, but do pat yourself on the back and make it worth working toward the next incremental goal, as you work toward the GUSTO GOAL.


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