The Investment of Time

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Time is something we all have.  It costs us nothing financially, and yet it is a valuable commodity.  If you spend no time with your family, you will most likely lose them to someone who is willing to share time with them.

Too often we think of people, yet never let them know we are thinking of them or praying for their needs.

Have you ever received a note in the mail or an unexpected text message that said, “I am praying for you.” or “Thinking of you today” and found it made you feel really great?  It is so uplifting when we get the encouragement only God could know we needed in the perfect time.  I love to write notes of encouragement.  One year I had written a note to a friend which had gotten lost in the wrong paper file for about 5 months.  Although I was a little embarrassed I decided to send it anyhow, and when she opened it and read the scripture I had included she was brought to tears.  She had been struggling in a ministry leadership role at that time and was wondering if it was really what she should be doing.  The verse was from Hebrews 11 and it confirmed instantly in her heart that she was doing what the Lord had called her to,  so even though it was challenging she was strengthened in her resolve to continue the work she had begun.

Today, my family and I are going to invest a little time delivering some goodies to the many new families that have moved into our neighborhood.  And dropping a few plates to a few others, including our Pastor’s family as a small token of gratitude for the enormous amount of time he and his family have devoted to our church family.

Perhaps baking or writing notes is not your thing, but what can YOU do with your time today to make an investment to build up someone else?

  • How about getting up a little earlier to make lunch for your spouse
  • Start a family member’s car while they are getting ready
  • Do the dishes when it’s not your turn
  • Make a meal when it’s not your turn
  • Take a meal to an elderly person
  • Visit a nursing home
  • Go caroling
  • Offer to babysit so a young mom can get her Christmas shopping done
  • Babysit so a young couple can have a date night
  • Write notes of love to those who have lost loved ones this year
  • Invite people to your home for meals or desserts or to play games
  • Serve at a homeless shelter


  • Text someone a quick prayer or verse
  • Text grandparents important events from your kids’ lives
  • Email a quick update
  • Buy pre-made meals or goodies
  • Combine events – take your group  [Bible study, prayer team, business team] on an excursion to a nursing home, etc.

I am sure you will add so many more wonderful ideas.  Now, don’t waste time: make a plan and put it in action.




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