Wise-up Wednesday: Emotional Memory

Emotions are involved in every thought we build.  For every memory you make, you have a corresponding emotion attached to it stored in your brain as a photocopy in your body’s cells.

Emotions are attached to thoughts which link to the reaction in your body and mind.  This is called psychosomatic network.  These reactions can surface even years after an event has occurred, when the memory of that even is recalled.

Test this for yourself:  think of a recent time of emotional trauma (angry, frustrated, betrayed).  Close your eyes, think about the experience, and become aware of how you are feeling and how your body is reacting to these thoughts and emotions.  The more you concentrate and think about the experience the more the chemicals in your body are being activated.

You will start reacting to the thought mentally and physically as though it were happening all over again.

Your thoughts create changes right down to genetic levels, restructuring the cell’s makeup.  Scientists have shown this restructuring is how diseases are able to take hold in the body.  However, when we make the choice of healthy positive thinking (as opposed to what Dr. Caroline Leaf call “toxic” thinking), positive “feel good” chemicals are released that make us feel peaceful and also promote healing, memory formation and deep thinking, which increase intelligence when combined together.

The choice is yours. Positive or negative.  Paraphrasing Philippians 4:8….whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely and admirable – think about such things for  they are excellent and worthy of praise.

This information is documented in Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book, “Who Switched off My Brain?” pages 21-23.




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