Beautiful Benefits of Friendship

ParkCity (1197)

“We all need someBODY to L E A N on!”

Dr. Amen of the Amen Clinics says, the “secret sauce” of  The Daniel Plan (co-authored with Rick Warren and Dr. Hymen)  is the unstoppable momentum that is created when groups of people come together in support of each other’s best interests. 

Neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf, writes that love is a key ingredient to our brain’s health which impacts our overall well-being.

While there is so much that has been written on the benefits of gathering as a community, I thought I would share a few healthy reminders with you on what I will call “Friendship Friday”.

Benefits of Friendships and Hanging with Friends

Happiness – Gathering with people we love promotes the productions of endorphins, or happy hormones.

Increased Creativity – as we share ideas to life’s big and small tasks we increase the size of our brain’s toolbox.  Examples include healthy eating, new recipes, tips that improve our efficiency [cleaning the house, working with kids, cooperation with difficult people, etc.]

Health – helping each other make wise choices for eating, exercising, interacting with others, and added accountability.

Kicking Depression – While depressed the last thing you want to do is be with people and yet it may be the very thing to help improve, and perhaps even temporarily remove, this oppression.

FUN – There is something about gathering a group of diverse personalities that insures there will be one or two hilarious/adventurous/fun-loving people.  This stretches us out of our normal comfort zones to insure a time of sharing memories, smiling, and laughing.  Laughter is proven to be good medicine!

Synergy – When gathering with other people we grow our understanding of a wide variety of subjects, personalities, local and global issues, problem solving, parenting tactics, relationship tools and oh so much more.  The only limit is the one that you place upon the conversation.  Synergy is an amazing concept = the sum is greater than the individual parts.

So if you are up for a fun-loving, creative healthy happy weekend – grab some friends and gather together!


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