Attention Media: Keep the Naked Women out of My Kitchen!

News in the KitchenI am writing, with what I hope is righteous indignation, as I recount what took place in MY KITCHEN last night!  I was busy preparing dinner, thought I would catch up on the news, so I turned on the TV.  I switched from my normal news source to another channel.  I went back to work, listened to some chatter, and soon I could not believe my ears which brought my eyes to the screen: in utter disbelief.  There, IN MY KITCHEN, on the TV, was a display of a woman half-naked in the most erotic pose, and then another and another. I will spare you many of the details.  Technically her large breasts were somewhat obscured by a meek attempt at blurring them out, but it does not take much for our powerfully creative brains to fill in the picture.  And that is exactly what are brains are designed to do: complete the whole. Never mind that we could see what she was doing with her breasts and other body parts. Yuck.

Umm, I turned on the news to positively impact my intelligence not to be lured into what is, in my opinion, pornographic video. My opinion seems to be backed by the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

Pornography :  the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement (1)

The news commentator appeared to be put off by the antics of this “reality” TV show clip as well, but it did not stop her from running this very crude footage. This choice lured perhaps millions of unsuspecting viewers into the nauseating life this flamboyant family chooses to live.  Sex outside of marriage, sex for anyone to see, jokes of ‘sex tapes.’  Why? Why is this “news”?  It surely is not intellectually newsworthy.

Yes, I have the right to change the channel.  And trust me, I will.

However, as a part of my life mission I want to help people have rich and healthy relationships.  I am incensed with the collateral damage this type of footage is causing America and the world.  When men and women are exposed to this type of sexual immorality it puts ideas in their heads that were not there before or it builds on the temptations that have been brewing.  It causes men to react physically to the visual stimulus. Whether they intend to respond or not, science proves most men cannot help but get sexually aroused when they see a naked lady luring them with sexual poses.

So when a man is attracted sexually to a woman who is not his wife, how is that going to affect his relationship? There are many possibilities:  his attention is distracted from his wife; he may desire more pornographic stimulation; when she finds out she is hurt because she expects his affections to be set on her only; she becomes jealous/insecure/angry/withdrawn; and refuses him intimacy. We could drag this out with many more serious consequences but you are too smart and already figured out that this is not healthy for marriage.  It is not healthy for the unmarried either since it fills them with ideas they cannot justly fulfill without a spouse.  

So why is the “news media” (and I used the term lightly) promoting materials that have the potential to be the beginning of the downfall of healthy marriages or to cause young men or boys to start a vice?  What happened to the days when the news was a “family friendly” medium that enriched the lives of healthy American families and enriched their relationships rather than destroyed them?

My heart is heavy every time I flash back to those images, thinking about the possible consequences of my two teenage sons walking in the kitchen, seeing what I saw, and on the news channel!  It would have made a forever impression on their young minds, as it has for mine. Yuck, I want it out!  It makes my stomach sick.  I do not find it funny.  I do not find it beneficial to my life in any possible way, with the exception of warning me of what NOT to watch.

I want the best for my young men.  I want them to take the road less traveled. The path that leads them to one woman, whom they love and respect; marry; and THEN have children.  In. that. order. I want them to learn to respect their future wives and to have a healthy, monogamous marriage.

It is time the media advertised the good life: the life of fidelity, faithfulness, and the immense pleasure that monogamous marriage offers, in every way, to those who choose to keep their thoughts pure.  I did not say an easy life. But I guarantee it is most rewarding life and it gets better every year when you pour your heart and soul into it.

How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word. Psalm 119:9 NIV

1.”Pornography.” Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2014. <;.


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  1. Cindy Hennesey
    Mar 22, 2014 @ 13:09:23

    Amen & amen,KIM!!!!!!!! I stand shoulder to shoulder with you dear sister. May God be lifted up with your words of exhortation. Cindy


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