Dream Squashers

Remember the days when dreaming was easy? You could sit down and drift off into another place and time, conjuring up all sorts of possibilities for your future? You were going to make something of yourself and change the world!

As a young woman dreamed of being a teacher. I guess it is because I enjoy helping people. Plus the thought of summers off with my future children, seemed ideal. Instead: I went into marketing and landed a job in corporate America in the automotive and technology industries.

Why? Why did I so quickly let go of my dreams and compromise? Practicality: The market was over saturated with public school educators the year I was selecting universities. In addition this little voice kept coming to me, ‘you aren’t a very good teacher. You don’t explain things well.’ Well, many years later I recognize the purpose of higher education is to gain new skills! I figured I needed to stick with what I knew. My parents had been business owners for many years, so it seemed a logical choice to study business.

About four years into my budding career the longing in my heart to teach came back to me. I couldn’t shake it. I purposed to set a vision and make it happen. Shortly thereafter many opportunities presented themselves. I began slowly, while keeping my full-time position in business planning, I became certified as a Seven Habits of Highly effective People Facilitator. During my training week with the Covey Leadership Center, I Mind Mapped my notes. One of the other trainees happened to be a Mind Map Instructor for our corporation. One thing lead to another and within the next year I became a Buzan Licensed Instructor to officially teach the skill of Mind Mapping (a whole-brain writing tool), Speed Reading, and creativity.

The ironic thing about this is that prior to teaching these disciplines, I had believed all of my life that I was not a strong communicator, I wasn’t creative, and I was a super slow reader!! Now I LOVE reading; have a passion to kindle others’ creativity; and to help individuals find their hidden genius by using their whole brain.

My career transitioned from the business field to Leadership and Professional Development. I was a teacher! Ultimately it lead me to launching the business that is beyond my wildest dreams. I have a passion for what I do and have dubbed myself a Learning Facilitator since 1997.

I share this story with high school students in mind. For those of you who are in a position to be influencing, mentoring and shaping young men and women: be Dream Chargers not Dream Squashers!!! Look for hidden talents and possibilities in those you influence. Pour life and light and wisdom into the next generation. Help them discover who they are AND encourage dreaming along the way.

A charge to those of you who buried your dreams: What is holding you back from resurrecting them?

Dreams do come true.


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