Wise-up Wednesday: Spatial Intelligence

colorful brain clipartIntelligence varies by both scale and type.  Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor at Harvard University, developed his theory of multiple intelligences, which describes different kinds of identifiable intelligence.  In addition to verbal or linguistic intelligence, another measure is visual or spatial intelligence, which is the ability to visualize dimensions in space, arrange objects and develop images internally.

Brain Location:

Right hemisphere


Careers that require strong spatial intelligence:

Sculptors, airline pilots, architects, theoretical physicists


What it’s good for

The spatial domain performs the primary operations of correct perception of objects and the ability to transform and rotate objects in the mind. Pablo Picasso dramatically displayed his spatial abilities in his art forms.  At its most basic level, spatial ability is the ability to move from one location to another and return to start.  People who are really gifted seem to possess an internal GPS system that tells them precisely where they are in the world at all times.  Those who are weak at spatial intelligence may be dubbed “lost”. 🙂


Rx for improvement

Look for puzzles that ask you to envision how a piece of paper with patterns on it will look when folded to form a box.


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