Wise-up Wednesday: The Link Between the Art of Juggling Balls and Tasks


Juggling is a task most people believe they cannot accomplish.  It seems so complicated or athletic or requires too much coordination.

I have watched many men and women give it a go real time in the Radiant Learning workshops I conduct.  Many will even say out loud, “I can’t juggle!”  Many make pitiful attempts and either laugh, cry (not really), or get frustrated.  Those who are most frustrated are those who thought they could juggle, even though they did not have a clue HOW to juggle.  There is a process to follow that ensures success over time with practice and process improvement.

Often times we take on tasks the way we take on those juggling balls for the first time.  We pick up so many tasks but are not certain what order to start them.  Sometimes we take them as we get them rather than stepping back to evaluate the best process. Which task is most important? Which requires the most time?

Just as there is a simple pattern (process) and rhythm to the art of juggling balls, there is also a process and rhythm with tasks.  Learn to apply the art of juggling to your everyday.

A great resource from my mentor and creator of Mind Maps, Tony Buzan, is the book Lessons from the Art of Juggling: How to Achieve Your Full Potential in Business, Learning, and Life. 


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