Wise-up Wednesday: Let the Light Shine In

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA “You are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine, You make me happy when skies are gray….”

When the dawn’s early light strikes the human eye, it sends a signal to the brain regions that control alertness.  The result: You go from drowsy to mentally stimulated, fast. I admit, I LOVE this phenomenon!

Steps to take advantage of the connection between light and mental alertness:

1) Pull up the shades first thing in the morning

2) Go outside when possible

3) Sit near a sunny window, when inside

4) Only 30 minutes of sunshine increases alertness; go for a walk at lunch time; wear sunscreen or sun hat

5) Turn on lights when you require mental stimulation.  Conversely, dim the lights 30 minutes prior to bedtime to signal to your brain it is time to wind down and rest.



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