Brain Byte: Why Walking Meetings Are a Great Idea



Have you heard the latest trend?  Walking meetings are being planned to boost productivity.  Popularized by tech magnates Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, walking meetings are a way to improve health while also strengthening work relationships, why, even President Obama is incorporating them into his schedule.

The moment I heard it I knew it made perfect sense.  Exercise generates endorphins which stimulate our ‘happy’ feelings as well as increasing blood flow and oxygen supplied to the brain.  Since our brain utilizes a large percentage of the body’s oxygen intake it makes sense to get out in the fresh air when creativity and critical thinking are required.

This age of technology and blog writing is creating a more sedentary lifestyle.  Since incurring a back injury a few years ago I have been half as active as I was when ran regularly.  Knowing that I cannot maintain good heart and overall health without moving more: I purchased a FitBit One.  It is a great tool to help you get a handle on how active (or inactive) you are presently and as a motivator to set goals and achieve greater fitness. It measures the steps you take, floors climbed, very active minutes, total distance, calories burned, and even tracks your sleep patterns.  I have had mine a week and I estimate that I doubled my activity from the week prior!  This is because I was much more aware of my benchmark and a higher standard.

Many of you are writers, bloggers, readers and entrepreneurs.  Did you know there are machines to support your work and your health? Check out workstation walking tables.  They are not inexpensive, for example the Sit-to-Walkstation Treadmill Desk is priced around $5,000.  However, if you work from home and need more cardio and fitness in your life to be more productive, it could be a great investment.  I have not done any research on these machines, so do your homework before buying.

So rather than get stuck in a stifling stark white conference room, try convincing your peers to join you for a Work-And-Walk meeting.  Not only will you all feel better mentally and physically, but you may be very surprised at your productivity as well.

This concludes this Wise-up Wednesday Brain Byte on Why Walking Meetings Are a Great Idea.



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