Brain Byte: Making Your Point Memorable


When you have something important to say, you want people to remember it, right?!? Being strategic about when and how you present that critical point will help you gain the desired results you seek from your audience, whether it is one or many.

Research shows that our brain’s ability to recall information is at it’s peak during:

  • the beginning
  • the end
  • things that are outstanding

So when you have something important to relay or critical decision for your listener to make; be sure to present it when you first begin your conversation or at the end.  And while you are making your point be sure to include a memorable moment in the midst.

For example you are making a point about alternative energy and in the middle of your conversation you leap up,  raise your voice, and shout, “capture the energy from the MOON!” All while looking to the sky and reaching for the moon.  Your hearers will very likely get a giggle, but the gesture will also make more of a mark on their ability to recall the idea.  This is because things that are outstanding, or different in a significant way from what we are accustomed or expecting to hear, make a stronger imprint on our memory.  Also note that you are adding more senses to the memory by adding the motion of standing up; change in pitch of your voice; and giving a visual association by reaching for the moon.



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