The Power of Perfume


Want your man to remember a special occasion? Wear a sexy smelling scent. 

Researchers report the most powerful sense for memory is smell.

Perhaps that is why roses are the essence of romance; they are red and full of pleasant aroma. Guys, unless your gal is allergic, it is always a good idea to bring her flowers. And if you present her with the best smelling bouquet, she will have an emotional trigger that will be to your advantage, husbands ;-). For those of you still dating, you will have created a memory she may even include in her journal!

Moms and dads, try baking chocolate chip cookies or making your kids’ favorite meal before they arrive home and the WATCH their eyes open wide and the excitement pour out of their mouths and body language.

Think for a moment of some of your fondest memories of grandma’s house. Chances are good that these memories include delicious smells and evoke positive emotions.

I hope you are inspired to create some sweet smelling memories with the people you love. Pour out the perfume.


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