Brain Byte for Better Relationships: Celebrate Special Dates

This may seem like a given:  remember your loved ones birthdays, so that they know how special they are to you.

Birthday Pix

But I know is is NOT a given.  I have a WONDERFUL family, and yet special days come and go without acknowledgement from those nearest and dearest to us.  If given too much time to ponder upon the oversight–emotions take over. Feelings of sadness, lonliness….of being less important in the lives of the ones we hold dear.  Of course, the reality of the matter is probably no where near the emotions, most likely the offenders are busy with their own responsibilities of life.

Walking with a wise woman this summer, she explained, “I learned years ago to be sure to remind all of the people around me via email or casual conversation that my birthday is coming.”  She gave some funny examples of how she did this in a joking way and that this helped others to be thoughtful on the day of her birthday, so that she did not have to be left feeling sad that no one remembered!

So, for those of you who are in the habit of forgetting the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. of those you love and end up feeling guilty later: Take charge and mark your calendar now with all of the birthdays for a full year out.  If you are unsure, check Facebook or other online sources for your friend’s birthdays — REALLY, it is NOT.THAT.HARD.  Upload them into your Google Calendar or on your Smartphone.  One simple step that will take you less than 30 minutes will fuel positive feelings within the relationships that matter most.

Happy Relationship Building this year!


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