Wise Wednesday Brain Byte: Wide Waist Warning

Unfortunately, a wide waist is not just bad for your belly’s belt line, and your self-image: research shows it is hazardous to your brain.

University of Michigan scientists studied 1350 people and found that those with the thickest middles were 90 percent more likely to have mental-processing slowdowns and memory gaps than those with the slimmest waistlines.

French researchers gave word recall tests to over 2200 women and men, aged 30 to early 60s and then repeated the test ten years later.  The people with the wide waistlines performed 35 percent worse than those who were svelte.

Kaiser Permanente researchers in Oakland, California tracked the health of more than 6,000 adults for 30 years and found that those who had the biggest waists in middle age were 65 percent more likely to develop dementia 30 years later than those with trimmest waists.

Take Action:

Get moving

Add strength-training

Banish bad fats

Add good fats

Eat more fiber and fewer refined carbohydrates

Soothe stress

For more information, see No More Brain Drain, Proven Ways to Maintain Your Mind and Memories by Reader’s Digest.


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